Dmitry Ivanov

Dmitry Ivanov, Professor, Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany.

Biography : 

Prof. Dr. Dr. habil. Dmitry Ivanov is Professor of Supply Chain and Operations Management, director of the Digital-AI Supply Chain Lab, and faculty director M.A. Global Supply Chain and Operations Management at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. His research spans supply chain resilience and digital supply chain twins. Author of the Viable Supply Chain Model and founder of the ripple effect research in supply chains. He gained Dr., Dr. Sc., and Dr. habil. degrees and won several research excellence awards. His research record counts around 450 publications, with more than 160 papers in prestigious academic journals and the leading books “Global Supply Chain and Operations Management” (three editions), “Introduction to Supply Chain Resilience”, “Introduction to Supply Chain Analytics”, „Structural Dynamics and Resilience in Supply Chain Risk Management“, “Scheduling in Industry 4.0 and Cloud Manufacturing”, “Digital Supply Chain” and „Handbook of Ripple Effects in the Supply Chain“. He delivered invited plenary, keynote, panel and guest talks at the conferences of INFORMS, IFPR, IFIP, IFAC, DSI and POM, and over 30 universities worldwide. He has been Chairman, IPC Chair, and Advisory Board member for over 60 international conferences in supply chain and operations management, industrial engineering, control and information sciences. Recipient of several prestigious academic awards. Principal investigator in several projects about digital supply chain twins and resilience funded by EU Horizon and DFG. Listed in several rankings as one of the most cited researchers in Business and Management. Chair of IFAC CC 5 “Cyber-Physical Manufacturing Systems”, Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Integrated Supply Management, Associate Editor of International Journal of Production Research, Annals of Operations Research and OMEGA, guest editor and Editorial Board member in over 20 leading international journals including IISE Transactions and IJPE, to name a few.

Keynote Topic : Intelligent digital supply chain twins

In this talk, we discuss an intelligent digital twin (iDT) framework. New digital technologies and artificial intelligence are enabling novel approaches and tools, allowing us to move from isolated models to intelligent decision-support systems. Our talk presents a comprehensive decision-making framework for leveraging digital twins in stress-testing and resilience analysis of supply chains, and outlines the ways digital twins can aid in theoretical advancements in SC resilience and viability. An iDT is a system that combines human intelligence with AI to create a digital representation of physical supply chains, use cognitive AI capabilities and create new knowledge about the system through mutual feedbacks between human and artificial intelligence. The iDT collects and processes data, employs analytics, mimics human decision-making, and develops new knowledge and decision-making algorithms through human-AI collaboration.