Tugrul Daim

Christophe Bisson, Scientific Director, Msc “International Strategy and Influence”. Associate Professor, SKEMA Business School.

Keynote Topic : The impact of Covid19 on competitive intelligence

Date : November 25, 2021 at 14:00 (GMT+1)

Biography :

Christophe Bisson is scientific director of the “MSc. International Strategy & Influence ”at SKEMA Business School and teaches Msc, MS and Global Exec MBA in Paris, Raleigh (US) and Suzhou (China). His work has been recognized internationally and in France.

His book entitled “Guide de gestion stratégique de l’information pour les PME”, papers were selected by the Interministerial Delegation of Economic Intelligence. He has received research funding from the US NSF, the EU, the French Ministry of Research, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Peru.

Based on his multidisciplinary research, he has built several software programs including Stratbrain, a modeling and strategic prediction software that he uses for his courses, research and consulting. Christophe is a member of the board of directors of SCIP Monde, member of the Economic Intelligence committee of CGEM RSK, member of the scientific council of the Academy of Economic Intelligence and full member of WFSF (advisory organization to the United Nations and UNESCO ).

Information & Registration :

Email : [email protected]