We seek high-quality papers focusing on these areas from industry, business, academia and government. IEEE ICTMOD 2022 will be organized into sixteen main tracks (non-exhaustive list):

Track 1 : Disruptive Technologies and Social Transformation
Chairs : Shah Satya, Mohamed Sadek, Alberto Ferraris

Track 2 : Disruptive Technologies and Sustainability
Chairs : Tugrul Daim, Assunta Di Vaio, Abu Naser

Track 3 : Disruptive Technologies and New Business Models
Chairs : Marco Pironti, Armando Papa, Mattei Giorgia

Track 4 : Competitive Intelligence, Foresight and Anticipatory Systems
Chairs : Christophe Bisson, Jonathan Calof, Nisha Sewdass

Track 5 : Digitalisation and SCM 4.0
Chairs : Satya Shah, Elaine Mosconi, Elias Ribeiro da Silva, Luis Antonio De Santa-Eulalia

Track 6 : Smart ecosystem : Fintech, AgriTech, MedTecho, Heahltech…
Chairs : Mohamed Roushdy, Melita Nicotra, Paola De Bernardi

Track 7 : Knowledge Management and Innovation
Chairs : Lamiae Benhayoun, Manlio Del Giudice, Sudeendra Koushik

Track 8 : Customer Experience and Digital Marketing
Chairs : Alice Mazzucchelli, Khelladi Insaf

Track 9 :  Digital and Social Media
Chairs : Elaine Mosconi, Vincent Dutot, Adnane Maalaoui, Gabriele Baima

Track 10 : Data Science and Analytics
Chairs : Scott Cunningham, Ajay Kumar, Gabriele Santoro

Track 11 : Blockchain Technology
Chairs : Jean-Michel Sahut, Alexeis Garcia Perez

Track 12 : Finance and Data Intelligence
Chairs : Mario Mustilli, Veronica Scuotto, Enrico Battisti, Ouarda Dsouli

Track 13 : Digital Technologies and Entrepreneurship
Chairs : Giuseppe Cappiello, Roberto Chierici, Domitilla Magni

Track 14 : Social Impacts and Covid-19 Grand Challenges
Chairs : Tachia Chin, Giuseppe Modaffari

Track 15 : Social Impacts and Intellectual Capital
Chairs : Stefano Fontana, Niccolò Paoloni

Track 16 : Digital Technologies and Smart Education
Chairs : Jens Mueller, Gian Luca Gregori